Love Came Down


When you stop and think about what God has done for you, it’s mind-boggling. He has done so much for us all. But it’s easy to go through our everyday lives and overlook blessings from God. From good health, to a pay raise… or even the small things like an unexpected discount on a common everyday purchase. These things are easy to overlook and take for granted. James 1:17says that “EVERY good and perfect gift comes from above.”

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Blessings & Curses


Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be. – James 3:10

Today, my wife Ursula told me how someone made a statement to her that was basically a curse. Now hear me out… This person was not a witch or anything like that. But this person made a seemingly harmless remark about the upcoming stages of pregnancy, and the things she should not be looking forward to. This person didn’t even mean any harm. But this made me think…

How many times have I done this before?

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Heaven Meets Earth Like A What?!?


The first time I heard John Mark McMillan’s song, “How He Loves“, I instantly LOVED it! This song so beautifully expresses the Father’s love for us. In fact, I believe that this is one of the best worship songs written this decade! I especially love the line that says, 

“If grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.” 

However, many people have taken up arms because they have an issue with some of the lyrics.

John wrote, “So Heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss,” and it turned the worship world upside down! Read more

Dive Deep


Do you like to swim? Have you ever jumped off a diving board? It’s one thing to dive into a pool from ground level, but I must say it’s a much better experience from atop a diving board!

I remember when I was young, I went to a certain pool where there were many different diving boards – one of which was a high dive. I’ll never forget the view from the top of that board! I had never been that high before. It was a new experience for me. Admittedly, I was scared at first, but when I finally mustered up the nerve to take the jump, Read more

How Are You Dealing With Christmas Stress?


The Christmas season is called “the most wonderful time of the year.” We look forward to it as being a joyful and fulfilling time. Unfortunately, many times we let preparing for family gatherings, the expense of shopping for the perfect gift, or fighting the crowds, get the best of us and turn this into stress. This feeling of stress is a state of mind that is not honoring to God and does nothing to promote good family relationships. Why not decide to stop holiday stress this year before it begins by constantly reminding yourself of the reason we celebrate?

JESUS… the most perfect gift of all!

How can we remember Jesus this Christmas season?

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